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Navajo Nation Enhanced 9-1-1 and Rural Addressing Initiative

The primary goal of the Enhanced 9-1-1 Adding Process is to link each Telephone number to a permanent unique address that clearly identified where a caller is physically located.  This requires the creation of a physical address for any property that currently has a telephone, might have one installed, or might be occupied by someone using a wireless phone.

The most important reason for creating physical addresses is to enhance the effective and rapid location of properties by public safety personnel, including law enforcement, fire, rescue, and emergency medical services personnel in the rural areas of the Navajo Nation.  The addressing Standard is further designed to eliminate duplicate or phonetically similar street names, to provide for the uniform signage marking streets and roadways, and to provide for the assignment of numbers for all properties and addressable structures throughout the Navajo Nation.

Click to visit Navajo Nation Addressing Authority website.

Need to renew or apply for a New Mexico State ID/Driver’s License or Register a Vehicle?

New Mexico MVD will first send you to our office to obtain an Address Verification Letter you’ll need to return back to your chapter to have them copy the address location from our letter onto their letter then you may proceed to MVD with your 2 documents.

Please click on the link below for instruction and explanation pertaining NM Driver’s License & State IDs: New Mexico Real ID Requirements

Physical Address Verification Request:

Due to a large amount of request for Physical Address Verification/Notification, the turn-around time to deliver your documents is two (2) weeks.  This may be reduced if a family member from your household has received a PAV/PAN document from NNAA before. Please be patient with us as we provide this service. Thank you for your understanding.

Rural Addressing Location:

Administration Building #2, 2nd Floor

The Rural Addressing Office is now back in Administration Building #2 on the Second Floor

M. C. Baldwin, Rural Addressing/GIS Coordinator (928) 871-7091
Rachelle Silver-Tagaban, Rural Addressing/GIS Technician (928) 871-7157
Norman Scott, Community Involvement Specialist (928) 871-6093
Fax Number: (928) 871-7189