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What is Rural Addressing?

A collection of information necessary for enabling of the enhanced 9-1-1 system.  Rural addressing is the “physical” address of a house dwelling (addressable structure).  When 9-1-1 is dialed from a “landline” phone in an emergency, the Automatic Location Identifier (ALI) is immediately available to the PSAP (public safety answering point).

Why Do I Need An Address?

When the PSAP receives a 9-1-1 call, caller is located by digital mapping.  The dispatcher guides emergency responders to the caller.  In the case of emergency responders to the caller.  In the case of “landline” phones, an address is linked to a unique record in the ALI data base so the location information is readily available to the dispatcher.

A rural address could also be used by other service providers to deliver mail, packages, installation activities or other services to clients.

How Do I Get A Rural Address?

The process starts with the Chapters working with their CLUPC (Community Land Use Planning Committee) and the NNAA (Navajo Nation Addressing Authority) office to identify and name roads, do Field Data Collection to identify homes and buildings to be addressed, hold public hearings to officially adopt the road names, and purchase street/road signs and install them.  Once those steps are taken, the NNAA office can begin issuing rural addresses. 

Once a chapter completes these initial steps to do rural addressing, the process to issue a new address is simpler.  The person or entity that wants a rural address would go to their chapter to add their name on a database or list. The chapter would provide the NNAA office with a completed form and general map location to where the person lives and NNAA would make field-work arrangement to GPS their driveway and issue them a rural address. This shorter process will only be followed where Chapters have already implemented Rural Addressing.

When Do I Need An Address?

Most types of structures require an address at all times, including shops, buildings and garages; businesses; all houses and mobile homes. An address is assigned when a structure is being built or moved onto a location, such as a mobile home.

How Should I Display My 9-1-1 address?

Seconds count when emergency responders are trying to locate an address.  Street/road signs are posted by Navajo DOT.  Structure signs are posted on addressable structures determined by Navajo Nation Rural Addressing Standards.