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Established in 2016 within the Division of Community Development of the Navajo Nation.

The purpose of the ASC is to:

  1. Provide technical assistance and training for Chapters to become self-governing units of local government;
  2. Monitor and ensure Chapters comply with all Navajo Nation fiscal policies, procedures, and laws when tracking, receiving, allocating, and expending all funds;
  3. Assist Chapters in establishing sustainable Chapter operations; and
  4. Assist Chapters in preserving public trust in the government.

Goals of the ASC

  • Train and provide technical assistance to Chapters by incorporating the Local Governance Act (LGA), Title 26 into the Chapters policies and procedures.
  • Enhance Administrative Support
  • Enhance Professional Development and Team Building
  • Promote Financial Accountability

Direct Local Supervision

General Administrative Direction provided by the SPPS means providing administrative support and guidance to the supervising Chapter Official
to ensure that the Community Service Coordinator (CSC) carries out their duties and responsibilities.
Direct Local Supervision means ensuring that the CSC is carrying out the day-to-day duties and responsibilities. The Direct Local Supervisor is the person designated by the Chapter Officials.
See the following documents for download: 

110 Navajo Chapters

The ASC program’s purposes are to provide planning services and guidance to 110 Navajo Chapters specifically relating to project planning, infrastructure development, community land use planning, and guidance in the implementation of Five Management System (FMS) and policies.

The designated supervising Chapter Official provides Direct Local Supervision of the Community Service Coordinator (CSC) at each Navajo Chapter. In the absence of a designated Direct Local Supervisor, the SPPS has full direct supervisory responsibility until designation changes.

The CSC supervises the Chapter’s Accounts Maintenance Specialist (AMS) and Public Employment Program (PEP) participants for each Navajo Chapter.

Currently, there are 45 LGA Certified Chapters which are managed and operated locally.


Ms. Sonlatsa Jim-Martin, Department Manager

Tia Yazzie, Office Specialist Email:

Gloria Gray, Office Assistant Email:

ASC Centers:

Baca Service Area
Guarena Adeky, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist Email:
(Vacant),  Administrative Service Officer
Tisheena Loley, Office Specialist Email:
Chinle Service Area
Edgerton Gene, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
Robert Jumbo, Administrative Services Officer
Steavic Yazzie, Office Specialist
Crownpoint Service Area
Casey Begay, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
Myrtis Begay, Administrative Services Officer
Adrianna Shirley, Office Specialist
Dilkon Service Area
Eunice Begay, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS)
Toni Mina, Administrative Services Officer Email:
Floranda Dempsey, Office Specialist
Fort Defiance Service Area
Patricia Begay, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
Derek Echohawk, Administrative Services Officer Email:

Laci Begay, Office Specialist

Kayenta Service Area
Calvin Tsosie, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
(Vacant), Administrative Services Officer Email:
(Vacant), Office Specialist Email: 
Shiprock Service Area
Elizabeth Washburn, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
(Vacant), Administrative Services Officer Email:
(Vacant), Office Specialist Email
Tuba City Service Area
Milford Maloney, Senior Programs & Projects Specialist (SPPS),
Kristen Charley,  Administrative Services Officer Email:
Michelle Billy, Office Specialist